The Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) is the first Internet exchange point in Mauritius. It is open to any network operator that believes that they can make their network more efficient through peering.

It is the latest word in global peering services; a professional and neutral internet exchange service allowing us to save precious international bandwidth in Mauritius.

As a settlement-free switchboard, MIXP allows the routing of intra-ISP traffic in Mauritius. All its participants are on an equal footing, which in turns means no traffic prioritization or filtering rules for specific participants. All exchange resources are equally available to all participants.

Peering Member List

Participants Contact ASN
Atlas Communications International 328019
Bharat Telecom Limited 37455
Data Communications Ltd 36882
Enterprise Information Solutions 36868
Emtel Ltd 30999
National Computer Board 36894
Kaldera Ltd 51110
Mauritius Telecom 23889
MIXP Administration 327821
Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Ltd 37622
WoodyNet 42
Packet Clearing House 3856

Statistics - Aggregate Traffic Day


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      The MIXP runs both announcements and discussion mailing list. Subscription details, archives and other information can be found on the above link

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  •  Registered Office

    1. OTAM
    2. c/o AFRINIC
    3. 11th floor, Raffles Tower
    4. Ebene, Reduit

  •  Postal Address

    1. MIXP Secretariat
    2. c/o AFRINIC
    3. 11th floor, Raffles Tower
    4. Ebene, Reduit